Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

This week I decided to try something new and link up with Jamie of This Kind of Love for
"What I'm Loving Wednesday."

I live on different versions of this when James is away. 
This also makes for a great party app.
I'm loving Dear Photograph.
This site meshes old and new photographs such a cute concept!
I'm loving gardenia everything.
Candles, lotions, etc.
I'm loving Lilacism by Essie.
A birthday present that I can't stop applying (thanks Em!).

Finally... I'm loving that James is finally home from almost three weeks of travel. 
What are you loving?


  1. cute nail polish color. and that's a nice neutral candle.

  2. Such a fun post and I am going to check out that photo website!

  3. Yum... artichoke flat bread? that just sounds incredible!! stopping by from the link up :)

    {I'm hosting a giveaway until Friday... Love to see you there!}

  4. That flatbread looks delicious! Do you have a recipe or buy it pre-made?

  5. That flatbread looks DELICIOUS! And you and your husband are so cute! Have such a great time with him over the next few weeks! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!


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