Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Pastel Weekend

Longtime friend, Emily, and her husband, Steve, held a coed baby shower at The Lyceum over the weekend.  Given that this was the boys first baby shower we decided to let them help with some of the shopping in the baby isle, which ended up being absolutely hysterical!  They made friends with shopping fathers (one of whom being the man in red and white below) and goofed off for a good bit before we continued on.

The shower was only a few blocks from our house, which made this weekend a great excuse to have friends (who sadly don't live close enough to see often) stay with us, and allowed us to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk to shower.

While at the shower we enjoyed catching up with many old friends, eating great food (the cheesecake was to die for), playing a few shower games (one of which I won!) and congratulating the expecting couple.

Easter Sunday, James and I said bye to all of our visitors and went out to my mom's farm in Leesburg, VA to spend time with my mom, James' dad (they just so happen to be friends and the reason that James and I met), and a few family friends.

All and all, we had a great time over the weekend.  We enjoyed the company of both family and friends and are counting down the days until we get a chance to see them all again.

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