Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wine Wednesday

Last weekend one of my oldest friends, Steph, was visiting.  I drove out to Waterford, VA to spend some time with her at her parents place.  Upon my arrival my she informed me that there is a vineyard in walkable distance.  Although, I knew that vineyards are all over Loudoun County I was in shock because prior to this I had always thought nothing (and I mean absolutely nothing) was in walkable distance from her place.  We strolled down the narrow gravel road to this quaint vineyard.

While there we sampled both the red and white flights.  The most noteworthy wines were a Viogner - a light white wine that smelled exactly like honeysuckles (yum!), and a Riesling - I enjoyed because it was not overly sweet.  They had a great dessert wine selection as well, including a Lemon Cello, a Raz - tasted like a Chambord but better, and a USB (what you call a Port wine that is not made in Portugal) - aged for eight years in whiskey barrels (genius!).

After the lugging a few too many bottles of wine home from the vineyard, we invited a few friends over to Steph's for some pool time.  All and all it was a great day for all of us.  Who had more fun, us or Captain?  That's up in the air!

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  1. yaaah!! your so whitty hehehe. i ahd a blast, i love you! :)


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