Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wine Wednesday

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First things first, I am not a runner.  Running is something I have tried very hard to avoid for years now.  That being said, a good cause and a rather persuasive boyfriend convinced me to go against my gut and do something crazy.  I signed up for a 10k!  The last weekend in October James and I, along with a few other friends will be running to support Run to Honor.  James has conjured up a training schedule for us that he claims will turn a couch potato (assuming he meant me... thanks sweetie!) into a runner.  We started small this week working towards the goal of a 5k.  Below is our 1st round training schedule:

1Rest or run/walk1.5 m runRest or run/walk1.5 m runRest1.5 m run30- 60 min walk
2Rest or run/walk1.75 m runRest or run/walk1.5 m runRest1.75 m run35-60 min walk
3Rest or run/walk2 m runRest or run/walk1.5 m runRest2 m run40-60 min walk
4Rest or run/walk2.25 m runRest or run/walk1.5 m runRest2.25 m run45-60 min walk
5Rest or run/walk2.5 m runRest or run/walk2 m runRest2.5 m run50-60 min walk
6Rest or run/walk2.75 m runRest or run/walk2 m runRest2.75 m run55-60 min walk
7Rest or run/walk3 m runRest or run/walk2 m runRest3 m run60 min walk
8Rest or run/walk3 m runRest or run/walk2 m runRestRest5-K Training Complete
Any runners have some motivational tricks or words of wisdom?  I am needing it, along with the shirt above!

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