Thursday, May 5, 2011

Feliz Cinco de Mayo

Any reason to enjoy cold drinks and yummy Mexican food, I'm in!  This is why we are planning on having a small Cinco de Mayo party at our place tonight.  The menu will include Coronas, margaritas, guacamole with chips, shrimp quesadillas, beef tacos and maybe even churros (if I somehow find the time/get brave enough to attempt).  Have any must try recipes on your menu for tonight?  These are a couple of mine:


Avocado (cut into small chunks) 
Grape Tomatoes (cut in fours) 
Lime Juice (splash/squeeze)
Onion (optional, diced)   
Jalapenos (diced) 


Frozen Apple Juice Concentrate (1 tsp)
Duffy's or Rose's Lime Juice (1 jigger)
Everclear (optional, .5 to 1 jigger)
White Tequila (2 jiggers)
Gold Tequila (2 jiggers)
Triple Sec (1 jigger)

*Warning these are tasty but strong, I would suggest a 3 drink maximum.

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