Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Things We Take for Granted

Like how glorious laundry machines are!  

Our month (and a half but who is counting) long battle with our tiny 15 year old stacked washer/dryer unit that has sat so inelegantly in the corner of our kitchen is now coming to an end.  This means no more flooding of half the kitchen (then trying to wash the towels we used to clean up the mess), no more lengthy phone calls with the repairman/landlord/contractor, no more newly adapted way to use the washer.  The way: stand next to it (barefoot of course, no one wants wet socks), leave top open, watch until the flooding begins, leap to it (never in enough time), close top and begin spin cycle.  Soon to be no more construction zone in our kitchen, family room and backyard.  Get ready for big smiles from me... Hello remodeled kitchen, new washer/dryer and clean clothes!

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