Friday, May 13, 2011

Nashville Travels

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The second weekend of May has finally come and we are traveling to Nashville, TN (James' hometown) to attend Iroquois Steeplechase.  I can hardly wait to get there and eat a yummy breakfast from Loveless Cafe, see all the spring dresses matched with over the top hats, listen to lots of country music (hearing this in bars is unfortunately not something I'm used to), visit with James' family and my cousin (who is coming down for the event), and see a lot of/meet more of James' friends. 

Going to Nashville is always a treat for me.  Every time we visit I feel that I become even closer to James.  This is because each trip gives me another small glimpse into his past.  It is funny how heading back to his hometown seems to put emphasis on the personality traits he displays everyday.  The most noticeable of these traits being his sociable nature.  No questions asked, James is the more outgoing one in this relationship.  I love this about him and I love how this quality seems to magnify when we go to Nashville, where we can hardly turn the corner without him knowing someone.

Enough about Nashville (for now).  Do you ever read something and think "that's so me" or "you read my mind"?  Here are two posts that did that to me this week: "that's so me" and "you read my mind".

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