Monday, May 2, 2011

Vote for Captain's Dad

James' family has entered their dog, Deuce (Captain's dad), in the Orvis Cover Dog Competition.  Deuce is a highly skilled and handsome hunting dog as shown in the picture above where he is bringing in a Mallard.  Don't you want to see that cute face on the cover of an Orvis catalog?  We do, so if you could put in a quick vote for Deuce it would be greatly appreciated.  Also, donations to Canine Cancer Campaign can be made for extra votes.  Click here to vote for Deuce and support a good cause (voting ends September 30, 2011).


  1. do i need to donate to vote? the site isn't clear...

    also, when you click a link on your site it changes the address of the current page (ie, your website) instead of opening a new page. pet peeve!


  2. You don't have to donate to vote, donations just give you more votes.

    Also, sorry about the changing of websites I'll try to figure out how to fix that.


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